Partnering with WellNow

WellNow makes joint ventures or selling your practice seamless.

WellNow Urgent Care is always seeking opportunities to acquire medical practices as well as participate in joint ventures and partnerships with hospital systems. We focus on providing patient-centered care and serving the communities we live, work and play in. If you operate on these values, we would like to start a conversation.


Why choose WellNow?

  • Proven knowledge and experience you can rely on

  • More than 120 locations across New York, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana

  • Acquisition of Hometown Urgent Care, expanding our footprint into Ohio and Michigan with 34 additional locations

  • Strategic partner to select healthcare organizations in our communities since 2011

The success of our model has contributed to our Urgent Care Association accreditation — earned by just 10% of urgent care facilities.

  • Our providers and medical support staff provide a high standard of care and customer service to our patients

  • Our administrative team seamlessly handles all business operations such as human resources, marketing, revenue cycle management, national payer contracts and more

Our acquisition program is designed to promote seamless integration.  We can help your practice grow and flourish as we keep our commitment to making it all better for you, your employees and your patients.

If you are interested in being contacted to receive additional information about WellNow Urgent Care’s Acquisition Program, please email or complete the contact form

WellNow will consider all entity models in all geographic locations.


Our partners

We’re proud to partner with leading health systems to deliver a comprehensive network of care.


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