Community Affairs

WellNow Cares Community Program

Keeping our communities healthy and happy is an essential component of WellNow Urgent Care’s mission. That’s why we created the WellNow Cares Community Program — through local partnerships, sponsorships and regional events, we demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve.

Our community focus

Our company’s mission is to provide quality, convenient urgent care services to individuals and families, as well as to engrain ourselves in the communities our patients, providers and staff members call home. To achieve this, we put our focus on each of these core areas:

  • Health and Wellness

  • Family Activities

  • Education

We work with highly visible organizations that make a significant impact through ongoing programs and major events. If you are interested in a partnership, sponsorship or event collaboration with WellNow Urgent Care and your focus aligns with ours, please complete the form below, and the appropriate person will contact you as soon as possible.

We ask that you submit event-specific requests at least two months prior to the event.

Fostering a community’s health and happiness is a vision that WellNow Urgent Care is passionate about — it’s another way we are helping to make it all better.

Complete the below form and someone from the community outreach team will contact you to discuss your request in detail.

We are proud partners

On the sidelines and in the stands, WellNow is the proud Official Urgent Care Partner of the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bulls! From fans to families, this celebrates our commitment to providing you and our pros with the best possible care.


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